We are a proud retailer of With You Lockets. Please contact us to purchase a locket. A laminated photo of your choice custom fitted to the locket is included.

With You Lockets was founded as a tribute to a daughter’s love for her father. Founder Mikki Glass lost her father to brain cancer when she (and he) were far too young. When Mikki’s sister decided to marry, it occurred to Mikki that she wanted to find a way for her sister to include their beloved father in her wedding ceremony. Recalling the death of her father and the genesis of With You Lockets, Mikki writes: “My heartbreak would only increase as life’s milestones popped up. Those moments he wouldn’t be a part of were the ones that hurt the most. Three years after he died, my sister was engaged to be married and I wanted our father to be a part of the wedding, not just a memory. I created an anklet with a locket and tucked his photos inside so he could walk her down the aisle … I wore that anklet at my own wedding day and soon began making them for other friends and family. My heartbreak abated with each locket I created for others. But the idea of carrying him with me in some way remained.” And with that, Mikki decided to formally launch With You Lockets.

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